Window Treatments Essential To Blocking Out UV Rays In Houston

4 Easy Ways To Cover Your Houston Windows To Block Out UV Rays & The Heat From The Sun Windows form an important part of just about any type of building and they usually dictate the overall architectural appearance associated with the building. Yet, stopping heat and UV rays from entering your windows, especially over […]

Custom Window Treatments In Houston: Why It Is So Expensive?

Why Exactly Are Custom Houston Window Treatments So Expensive Custom window treatments are one of the biggest aspects of what we do. When you get your windows treated, you are essentially completing the room and adding a natural ‘wow factor’ aesthetic. There are plenty of added benefits of light control and the privacy that you […]

The Best Light-blocking Window Treatments In Houston

4 Effective Light-blocking Houston Window Treatments From a decorative standpoint, window coverings add to the look and feel of a room, enhancing the decor and bringing character to space. In terms of functionality, they also play a number of important roles. They can be used to provide privacy or control the amount of light in […]

Treatments For Your Houston Kitchen Windows

Unique And Innovative Window Covering Ideas For Kitchens 4. Are the window treatments a good match for the countertops? In most kitchens, the countertops are designed to work well with the style and color of the cabinets. To create a coordinated look throughout the space, you should look for window treatments that are a good […]

Houston Window Treatment Tips For Your Kitchen

Creative Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas – Pt. 1 Shades or window treatments definitely are a major decorating factor when it comes to designing your kitchen. Whenever you are washing dishes, cleaning, or cooking, you want to feel comfortable and be happy with the shading or lighting that is coming from the window above your sink […]

2021 Window Cover Trends

2021 Window Cover Trends No matter the style of your home, having new window covers will instantly refresh the look of the interior design in any room. Trying out new window cover trends in your home is a great way to update the look of your home and control how much light comes into each […]