Creative Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas – Pt. 1

Shades or window treatments definitely are a major decorating factor when it comes to designing your kitchen. Whenever you are washing dishes, cleaning, or cooking, you want to feel comfortable and be happy with the shading or lighting that is coming from the window above your sink or other kitchen windows. We have compiled a useful series of questions that you can ask yourself, basically a checklist, to ensure that you consider all of the options that are available to you and factor them in when you selecting your window shades. Have fun shopping!

1. Does The Window Treatment Match The Walls?


If you happen to have curtains, then most likely your window treatments will have to be on the more neutral side (brown, cream, white) in order to highlight your curtains’ beautiful colors. However, if you just have shades without curtains, then your window treatments can be as colorful as you want them to be.


If your walls are painted with different colors of molding around your windows, floors, and ceilings, then most likely you will want to be matching your window treatments with your molding color. It will look very nice and classier as well. However, it would look tacky to match the wall color, so don’t do that. In order to prove that, imagine rust-colored warm walls and black molding. Black would be a good color for your window treatment. However, if your window treatment was also rust-colored, there would be two broken spaces that were rust color and then a think black line in between them which would look terrible. Your window treatment should always be matched with your molding if you don’t have other things that you need to consider.

2. Does The Window Treatment Match The Flooring?

If your floors and walls are dark blue, and the molding is white, you might want your window shades to match the flooring. If you happen to have warm gold flooring, dark blue walls, and white molding, your window shades might look better in a warm gold color that is similar to the floor color. That will tie your room together without it being really ostentatious and super detailed or overly complex. If your cooking area is basic with everything being the same color, then your window shades might look better being the same color as the floor since it will make your overall room appear to be more put together. Tying your window shade color in with your floor may also make the room appear to be larger since it draws the eyes around the room and up instead of being focused on distinctive flooring and a single-color theme.

3. Do The Window Covering Complement The Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets are a critical component of a kitchen when they aren’t simply a neutral white, black, or dark brown. Colored cabinets definitely give a room added interest, but they limit the color options that are available to you as well when selecting your window coverings. That is another situation where a room’s secondary color (such as the molding mentioned previously) should be the same color as the window coverings. When the cabinets are multi-colored, the window coverings should match the secondary colors in order to help bring them out even more. Your coverings should not match the main color of multi-colored cabinets. That’s too much of one color. If your cabinets are a neutral color like white, black, dark brown, tan, or golden brown, then the window coverings basically can be almost any color, especially if the rest of the room like the floors and walls are a neutral color. Houston Window Coverings is Committed to our customers and, adding value to your home. Keep the heat, give us a call


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