Woven Wood Shades

Green is good, and if there’s anything our world needs more of today, it’s learning how to give back and be one with mother earth. Nature has artful ways to remind us how beautiful it is to live with natural and earthly elements.

If you’re a fan of woven wood shades and blinds in all of their resonant colors and natural appeal—you’ll be happy to know that they also carry with them several perks and advantages; you’ll be quick to notice them as soon as we install them in your home.

For starters, they’re eco-friendly. Woven wood shades are made and sourced from organic materials, devised from renewable components like bamboo, reeds, and other similar items. The vibe and look of natural materials add composition and dimension to any space and area. As a fantastic plus, numerous woven wood shades are wholly recyclable, so when the time comes for you to switch themes, you’re assured that recycling these window coverings is doable and does contribute to the betterment of your surroundings.

What’s more, these shades defend your home from dangerous UV rays that potentially damage your furniture, flooring, and even wall coverings.  These shades bar those rays from ruining your home’s insides, therefore prolonging the life of your interior’s most protected and elegant design elements. Furthermore, personalized woven shades fit any window height or width. Personalization is the key to making anything look and feel elegant. While there are standard window sizes, not every household adheres to these figures. Personalized woven wood coverings don’t just add that touch of sustainability, they also add to the feel of luxury in your home.  

There’s also something uniquely alluring and captivating about the look of authentic wood, and it works with many types of decors. Whether your house employs a medieval gothic design or a futuristic, minimalist look with clean, bright tones, woven wood shades are bound to support your interior’s every look. As a natural and adaptable choice, wood blinds and shades alike match any setting and supplies warmth and coziness that isn’t otherwise available with other window coverings. 

Custom Woven Shades

What’s even better than that is they’re available in a range of theme-complimenting shades. If your design and motif in a room are pastel, or neutral, you may employ lighter colors of woven wooden shades. If your place is darker than it is bright, more vibrant colors and jewel-accented tones can be used to match your room’s feel.

Discover how all these can change the feeling of your home with woven wood shades. They combine traditional and ultra-modern technology. Our shades are a unique blend of wood, reeds, fabrics, grass, and bamboo. Theses exotic pairings of nature result in stunning combinations that filter the amount of light entering the room.

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HOUSTON WINDOW COVERINGS has provided Custom Shutters, Blinds, Shades and Roller Shades to the Houston Market since 2000. As well as Katy, Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Willis. Cypress, Humble and All Surroundings Areas.


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