Why Exactly Are Custom Houston Window Treatments So Expensive

Custom window treatments are one of the biggest aspects of what we do. When you get your windows treated, you are essentially completing the room and adding a natural ‘wow factor’ aesthetic. There are plenty of added benefits of light control and the privacy that you get from the treatments can be a further bonus. Here Is What We Love About Custom Window Treatments:
  • They effectively elevate the space to a completely new level in terms of design aesthetics.
  • They really enhance your entire room’s appearance and give it a ‘wow factor.’
  • They completely tie together the look and feel of your room which really gives it a nice finishing touch.
  • It is the one element where people will really start to see aspects that they never noticed before. Things start to stand out like the decor in your room, the pillows on your sofa, and more. They really are that powerful.
  • That can add a lot of privacy which is a significant benefit on its own. Along with this, it can block the harmful sun.
However, you might be wondering why they are so expensive. There are a few reasons for this.
  • Custom window treatments and ready-made window treatments are vastly different. Not only do custom window treatments cost more, but they offer superior quality and workmanship.
  • Unlike ready to be sold curtains, custom curtains will hang much more eloquently and they will typically offer a much fuller appearance than the standard curtains you get from various local retailers.
  • It is very important to understand that there are no such things as a completely standard window. Windows come in a variety of different sizes and shapes including those that span from the ceiling to the floor and every size in between.
  • The larger the window is the more fabric it takes to really enhance them.
  • The prices of fabric will vary based on patterns and exclusivity. The enhanced selection of fabric options is one of the primary reasons for the much higher price.
  • Standard walls are no longer relevant. Walls are typically now anywhere from 9 feet to 2 stories. Therefore, the longer the drapery panels, the more fabric that needs to be used which increases the price tag considerably.
  • After it is made, you also have to account for the cost to install and the hardware that is required for installation. Typically, everything from brackets to rods is hand-picked depending on the style, finish, and the length needed.
  • You can get everything fully customized specifically to what you want including its color, pattern, size, and virtually anything else.
  • A lot of custom items will require you to spend more simply because they have to be made rather than being readily available at a big-box retailer.
While all of the detailed information you see above might make you want to stay away from custom options, there are plenty of ways to save money when you are buying custom window treatments. Money-Saving Tips:
  • Consider Faux Materials. For one, you might want to consider faux materials when shopping for silk or even linens. After all, you can barely tell the difference and they make for extremely visually appealing applications. Along with this, they come with the added benefit of being easier to maintain than authentic versions.
  • Stick To Solids. If you stick to solids, you might be able to make it look better at a decreased cost.
Why are they so expensive? The fact is, you are getting much more when it comes to custom window treatments. When you factor in the style, aesthetic, and function they add to your home, they are well worth the investment. Feel free to


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