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Achieve Interior Greatness With These Window Treatments

How To Achieve The Finest Interior Design By Using Stylish Window Treatments How Custom Blinds Can Transform Your Home Styling a home is a beautiful art. No matter what kind of home you can own, if you are passionate about the process of styling your home, you can create a very stylish interior design. For […]

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Minimalist Blinds To Make Your Houston Outdoor Space Shine

Create A Beautiful Backyard Using Simple, Minimalistic Outdoor Decor Outdoor Blinds Make It Simple To Create A Stylish Outdoor Space If you want to create a sophisticated look with your outdoor decor, keeping the design simple is essential. Even though minimalistic designs seem like they would be easy to create, putting together a simple, cohesive […]

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Houston Window Coverings Takes A Look At Window Treatments In Houston

If You’re Planning On Window Treatments, How Much Should You Budget For Them? How much should I be budgeting for window treatments? If you’re asking yourself this, then you’re likely trying to balance your desire for some new window treatments with your available home improvement budget. If you’re like most people, your bank account isn’t […]

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Houston Window Coverings Addresses Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless Cellular Shades: What Exactly Are They? Q: How would you respond, if we said that you could have everything you ever wanted? A: With regard to window treatments, we are not joking; with Cordless Cellular Shades you are really getting everything you ever wanted. With Cordless Cellular Shades, you get a wide selection of […]

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There’s No Need For Heat! Houston Window Coverings Keeps You Warm This Winter

 How To Stay Warm In The Fall With Houston Window Coverings As the cooler weather blows in, people begin to get out their coats and vests and their long sleeve shirts and sweaters. The biggest debate is when to turn the heat on; many simply try and keep it off until they can no longer manage without […]

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Houston’s Top Window Coverings

Six Of Houston’s Top Window Covering Styles Houston has its own unique style characterized by a great mix of suburban comfort, the sensible nature of a big city and southern charm. If you are in need of the perfect window coverings for your Houston redecoration or renovation project, we’ve got great news; we are sharing […]

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Ultimate window treatment

Custom plantation shutters are the ultimate window treatment for today’s homeowners. No need to add anything else to the window.  Plantation shutters are kid and pet friendly and very easy to clean. They are also the only window treatment that adds value to your home. If you want to add value to your home and beat the […]

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Great news

New construction is on the rise in Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, and Montgomery County.  We have seen new homes 2” faux blinds sales with builders and new home owners sky rocket.  The economy seems to be getting better and this is great news! If you are a buying or building a new home or just refreshing your […]

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Let’s face it…

Let’s face it…an uncovered window can cause damage to paintings, floors and furniture. This can cost thousands in repairs or replacements.  Summertime is here and starting to shine through our open windows.  The top 5 trending windows treatments are Shutters, Honey Comb Shades, Woven Woods, Designer Roller Shades, and Custom Draperies.

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