The beginning of a new decade is the perfect time to give your home a trendy new look with the most stylish and best quality window coverings.  With so many wonderful options available, it can often be difficult to decide what’s the best fit for your home. Before investing in new window decor, learn about which trends are fleeting and which ones have staying power.  Whether the style of your home is traditional, contemporary or an eclectic combination, there’s a window treatment, blind or shutter to help you complete your look. Make 2020 the year to dress up your windows with functional window coverings that last!
  1. Classic and Stylish Shutters
While shutters have been a favorite in the home for a long time, they’re one of the fastest-growing trends in window products today.  Due to their versatility, custom shutters are great options in traditional and modern home designs. Shutters can increase your home’s energy efficiency, are simple to adjust, and give you more control over privacy and light in your space.  The variety of materials and styles along with the options to be horizontal or vertical and corded, cordless or motorized create an amazing visual appearance.
  1. High-Tech Motorized Shades
One of the most exciting and convenient new trends is the introduction of technology in motorized window treatments.  Motorized shades give you complete control over your windows—from a distance.  You can activate these shades via remote control, smartphone, or voice-activated device from anywhere in your home. On top of the convenience, motorized window screen shades offer a modern and technologically advanced look that can transform both indoor and outdoor living areas.  With an array of colors and options to choose from, it’s simple to create a fresh new look for your home.
  1. Modern and Metallic Blinds
Nothing says hip and contemporary more than adding a metallic touch to your home decor.  Take a look at incorporating aluminum blinds in 1 to 2-inch slats to create a contemporary, edgy and minimalist look in your space with precise light management for your room. You can choose from different textures, finishes, and colors to complete your room’s interior design.  Whether you are working with a bold or neutral palette, a simple pop of metal can create a whole new look with a modern-day twist.
  1. Woven Wood Shades
If 2020 is bringing any new window treatment trends to the forefront, it’s the push for eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic materials.  Woven wood shades allow you to embrace this trend with a more natural look that is made from recyclable and sustainable goods to add composition and dimension to any space. The beauty of this product is that it works with any design or style to create a warm and cozy feel you just can’t get with other window covering options.  As a bonus, they are also great for blocking harmful UV rays that could possibly damage your furniture, flooring, and more. Improve the View from Your Windows with the Latest Trends in Window Treatment Spending more time at home now these days makes it the perfect time to update and improve the view from your windows.  If you’re looking for an edgy vibe, creating a luxurious classic look or digging the eco-friendly materials that add warmth to your space, there’s a trend in window treatments for you!   Our design consultants will conveniently meet you in your home to help you select the right product for your style and budget.  Get in touch with us today to get a FREE estimate!