Understanding How To Troubleshoot Stuck Blinds In Houston

Putting blinds up and down is usually an easy task. However, when they are in a raised or lowered position they can sometimes get stuck and regardless of how much you pull them they just won’t seem to budge. You will be glad to know that a few easy troubleshooting tips can quickly get your window blinds working like magic again.

How To Troubleshoot When Your Blinds Are Stuck

Usually, the problem of blinds not raising or lowering is down to an issue with the cord lock mechanism. Take the cord and pull it right up to the level of the headrail, this is usually stiff plastic that is found at the top of your blinds. Next, give a gentle tug on the cord. If this does not have any success you will need to take the blinds down from the window. You might have to remove nails or screws to do this, depending on the way that the blinds have been mounted. Find the cord lock mechanism which is in the header rail. Look for the piece that the cord runs through, this is the cord lock mechanism. You will notice a pin is within the mechanism. Being extra careful, use a flat-head screwdriver to turn the pin towards the headrail, you will be turning it perpendicular. Make sure that the cord stays still during this step. Now, give the pin a push so that you disengage the cord. You should find that the slats on your blind lower straightaway. Carry out a few checks on the cord lock mechanism to ensure it is fully working before rehanging your blinds. If you have no success, the problem may be related to a mechanism on the inside called a pawl binding. You will find this in the header piece. For pawl troubleshooting, take the blind down from the window. Once removed, take a look at the header. You will recognize the pawl as a spring-like piece that is found at the outer edge of the lock mechanism. To work correctly, this must be on track. If it is not within a track you can use a blunt instrument to push it back to where it should be. Put the blind back up and see if it has fixed the issue.

How To Troubleshoot Shades That Are Stuck

Blinds and shades are different in that blinds use a string or chain to raise slats that are interconnected whilst shades are smooth pieces of fabric that are put up or down. If your shades are not working correctly you will need to troubleshoot in a different way. Each rolled shade will have a small spring inside which controls how the unit is lowered and raised. As well as this, the tightness of the spring will determine the speed of the shade going up and down. Firstly, you need to check the spring which you can access from the outside with a pin. By pin, we mean a small piece of metal, cylinder or rectangle, which hooks into the mounting bracket of the window. You will need to unhook the shades from the brackets to carry out the check. Usually, one side has to be removed first. Give the area around the pin a clean for dust and debris. At times, when dust gathers the pin can get stuck and hence stop it from working efficiently. Once the area is cleaned you can replace the shades and see whether the problem has been rectified. Feel free to contact us here at Houston Window Coverings if you need more assistance.


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