Houston’s Top Window Coverings

Six Of Houston’s Top Window Covering Styles

Houston has its own unique style characterized by a great mix of suburban comfort, the sensible nature of a big city and southern charm.

If you are in need of the perfect window coverings for your Houston redecoration or renovation project, we’ve got great news; we are sharing top trends as per our customer data!

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Here Are Six Popular Trends For Window Coverings

1. The Durability Of Faux Wood Blinds

As compared to the rest of the country, Metroplex residents are 8 percent more likely to go with Faux Wood Blinds.

As an upgrade from builder basic mini blinds, these are top quality, highly durable window coverings. In addition to being more scratch resistant as compared to real wood, the composite or PVC material is safe for high moisture spaces like washrooms where warping in wood is likely to occur.

This classic window covering is your safest bet considering that the architecture for most residences is traditional as opposed to mid-century or modern.

2. The Clean Lined Style Of Cellular Shades

Although taking the second spot in Houston, Cellular Shades are a top pick for most parts of the nation. Even though this clean-lined style can work in any space due to its versatility, it is mostly featured in modern homes.

To insulate against outdoor temperatures, Cellular Shades feature a fabric pocket construction that traps air against windows, this is one of their most endearing properties to homeowners. Shades that have the ability to insulate against cold and heat are perfectly suited to Houston, considering the fact that residents here are known to alternate between the AC and heat in the same week.

3. The Timelessness Of Wood Style Blinds

Traditional style reigns supreme, as we mentioned above with Faux Wood Blinds. With slats that can be tilted to regulate light, Wood Blinds offer a timeless look and solid construction.

These blinds are also the way to go for those looking to match furniture or flooring with wood tones. You can take a pick from the currently trending Scandinavian inspired whitewash finishes or the more formal dark stain.

4. The Charm And Value Of Plantation Style Shutters

To block the sun while leaving house cooling cross-breezes to pass through, Plantation Shutters were used in southern homes before the introduction of air conditioning. Their old world charm means that they are still popular among southern homeowners even though they are no longer used for this purpose anymore.

For good reason, homeowners are 3 percent more likely to opt for them. On top of being a worthwhile investment which adds to the resale value of your home, Plantation Shutters are a top choice for windows.

It is recommended that you opt for an expert measurement and installation simply because of their tight fit in the window frame. Now available in Houston, you can take advantage of professional services.

5. The Coziness Of Roman Style Shades

Regardless of whether they are used in a traditional or modern home, these shades can add a level of coziness/luxury to any room. With traditional or cottage style homes being so popular in Houston, Roman shades are a great fit.

These shades can be customized to perfectly match any space since they are available in hundreds of fabrics.

6. The Rustic Texture Of Woven Wood Shades

In Houston, farmhouse style is still very popular even though Fixer Upper central is just a few hours to the south of Waco. Perfect for modern farmhouse homes, woven wood shades introduce some rustic texture.

These shades also give a casual and earthy feel to boho eclectic spaces as well if rustic isn’t your preferred style.


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