2021 Window Cover Trends

No matter the style of your home, having new window covers will instantly refresh the look of the interior design in any room. Trying out new window cover trends in your home is a great way to update the look of your home and control how much light comes into each room.

Window covers not only are functional for controlling light and privacy in your home, they also offer weather insulation as well as design additions to your home.

Whether you are looking to change the amount of lighting in a room or looking to create more privacy in your home, any of these window cover trends in 2021 can be great options for a perfect solution.


Motorized Blinds & Shades

            In an increasingly technological day and age, it’s no surprise that motorized blinds and shades are popular in 2021. The popularity around internet-controlled home homes is increasing, which is why this has been a huge trend this year. This makes it less of a pain to open and close your window coverings, and gives your home an extra modern touch.

Minimalist Window treatment

            Minimalism is still a popular trend this year, and that includes your window covering. Minimal and one-color coverings with a solid design aren’t too boring, and also don’t command too much attention. It is a great way to keep your windows looking clean. One type of minimal window treatment that is trending this year are semi-sheer fabric curtains.

Retro Patterned Fabrics

            In contrast to minimal colors and fabrics, the retro look is popular with those who want a more nostalgic and colorful look in their home. This is a great way to add a pop of personality into a room without it being too loud or distracting if it is balanced well with the interior design. Most pops of pattern are done with roman shades or drapery panels.



           Window shutters are a classic, traditional look that will never go out of style. They add character and are easy to open and close. Plus an added bonus — they look great from the inside as well as the outside of your home. Installing any neutral colored shutters for your window covering is a great way to invest in the value of your home and add a clean, traditional addition to your interior design.

Semi-sheer fabric curtains

            A light and airy look is a great way to add detail into a room without blocking out too much light. Semi-sheer curtains are versatile and allow soft light to pour into the room. Using a sheer fabric curtain keeps the room looking and feeling bright and airy, while still adding a touch of detail to the window. A great thing about semi-sheer curtain covers is that you can get them in virtually any fabric style or color you look for.

Double curtain rods

            By installing a double curtain rod, your window covering will give you a more designer, lush and luxurious look. The double rods can be layered with both sheer and lined drapes giving your window covering more detail and dimension. This can add more detail and interest to a window that has a large amount of wall space around it.

Layered Window Coverings

            Similar to the double curtain rod effect, this layered look combines a shade and drapery combination. Drapes hung from the curtain rod against a horizontal shade over the window give the room more dimension and make the windows appear larger by adding height with the long curtains and width from the shades.

Short Cafe Curtains

            Homes with breakfast nooks and kitchen windows look great with shorter curtains for the bottom half of the window. This is great for rooms that are more likely to be lit by natural lighting, as these curtains don’t cover much of the window and allow as much natural light to come in as possible. Natural lighting in your home is becoming increasingly more popular, so the more natural light in the room, the better! Short cafe curtain window coverings can also be versatile as you can either choose the curtains to be a more simple design or solid color, or the curtains can be a pop of a statement pattern.

Black window frames

            Black widow frames make your windows stand out and make a statement for a more modern interior design look. Using dark shades in your window covering won’t make your room look dark — it can actually accentuate the windows but still let light in to keep the room bright.


Roller shades & Roman shades

            These are simple and can give a pop of color if you want it to be more of a focus in a room. Roller shades are becoming more popular because of their clean, sleek look and easy functionality in any room in your home, as well as their ability to create more privacy in your home. They provide clean lines and are perfect for modern interiors. They cover just enough to let light in but not cover too much. Linen has become a more popular material trend for roller shades as it brings in a classy but simple look into the room’s design. The easy functionality of roller shades and roman shades also make this a popular option for homeowners and designers alike.

Pinched Pleats

            Many high-quality and high-end curtains have a pinched pleat at the top of the curtain panels, which fold nicely together when the curtains are open. This adds a nice elegant look to rooms in your home such as formal living rooms or dining rooms to give a more classy look. 

Darkening Dual shades

            The zebra-style darkening shade gives your room privacy and lets you control how much light comes into the room. The alternating stripes of the window covering of solid and sheer panels make it ideal for almost any room.


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