4 Effective Light-blocking Houston Window Treatments

From a decorative standpoint, window coverings add to the look and feel of a room, enhancing the decor and bringing character to space. In terms of functionality, they also play a number of important roles. They can be used to provide privacy or control the amount of light in the room. They also offer some degree of insulation against the weather. When choosing window treatments for your home, it is important to think about how each room is used. Rooms like bedrooms and home theaters do well with light-blocking window coverings. These special window treatments help keep the space dark even when it is light outside. Opaque window coverings like these can also be used in rooms that get a lot of sun on hot summer afternoons. Blocking out the sun can keep your home cooler, creating a more comfortable space. Whether you want to watch TV during the day, take an afternoon nap, or keep your home cooler, any of these four light-blocking window treatments can help.

1. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades come in varying degrees of opacity, depending on the material that was used to make them. Some are made out of a mesh-like material that allows light to get through. Others are made out of completely opaque fabric. Room-darkening cellular shades are mounted inside of a channel on the window frame. This keeps light from sneaking in around the sides, making them an especially effective option in situations where complete darkness is required. As an added bonus, many of these shades can be opened from the top. This allows you to let light into the room while still maintaining privacy.

2. Roller Shades

Like cellular shades, roller shades are available in varying opacity levels, depending on the color of the shades and the fabric that was used to make them. If you want extra room-darkening power, you can mount two sets of shades on the same window. When both shades are down, they block out the vast majority of the light. This can help you sleep more soundly at night. If you don’t like the utilitarian design of roller shades, you can always add a valance or a pair of curtains to soften up the look.

3. Curtains

Depending on the fabric they are made out of, curtains and draperies can be an effective solution for blocking out light. Some styles are almost completely sheer, allowing a lot of light to come into the room. Others incorporate special blackout liners that are designed to keep any light from getting in. With the help of these liners, you can choose beautiful curtains that enhance your decor while still being able to block out unwanted light. Curtains and draperies tend to be quite elegant and are a good choice for guestrooms and master bedrooms. If you prefer, you can also use a double curtain rod to hang two sets of curtains: a set of blackout curtains and a set of sheer curtains. This gives you a lot of different options in terms of privacy and light control.

4. Blinds Or Shutters

Shutters and blinds both do a good job of providing privacy. Some styles also are effective at blocking out light. If you want to darken the room, avoid lightweight blinds that are made out of vinyl since they usually allow at least some light to get through. Metal blinds or blinds that are made out of thick, heavy-duty vinyl are generally a better choice. Keep in mind, however, that a small amount of light can still sneak through the slats, which means you probably can’t achieve total darkness with these types of window coverings. If you do opt for blinds, have them cut to a custom size for your window to minimize the amount of light coming in around the sides.
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