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Advantages of shopping at Houston Window Coverings



  1. Growth and establishment of Houston Window Coverings 

Houston Window Coverings was established in the year 2000 in Houston City, Texas by Victor and Monica Bresofki. The couple lives in Conroe, Texas, the fastest growing city in the US and their 4 children where they also have a branch of HWC. Houston Window Coverings enterprise grew out of Monica’s passion to decorate both commercial offices and homes. Out of her passion, she realized that window coverings make the finishing touch for an office or home to feel and look complete. The company has over the years since it’s inception distinguished itself by offering quality service to its customers.

The business has also been growing and expanding to cover a wider area. It has established various centres in Montgomery, Spring, The Woodlands, Willis, Conroe and Katy. With our main goal at the enterprise towards our clients is the provision of window coverings and style that works best to reflect the client’s needs and tastes, the business has continued expanding and growing. It has also grown to offer a wide range of custom products to its customers for them to select from. It is worth noting that HWC major rules while delivering their services is the promise of delivering custom products at an enticing cost and in a timely manner.

  1. Products offered at Houston Window Coverings.

Since the establishment of HWC, all our clients have been thrilled by the products available at the enterprise. All the products are supported by a controlled life long warranty and on top, we offer unique customer service that you can rely on. 

The products available are:


The company offers both custom Basswood Shutters and Poly Shutters. Before selecting any of these window fashions, you should carefully consider the kind of mood you are interested in setting for your home or office. Our custom shutters are versatile and come with a traditional or modern design from which our clients can choose from 


HWC offers faux wood blinds and real wood blinds and a range of stain and paints colours for the client to choose from.

Custom blinds have been reinvented such that the traditional blinds now incorporate modern design and styling. We always advise our clients to consider the mood of the home or office room before choosing between faux wood blinds or basswood available at our enterprise.

Roller shades

Roller shades are considered as the modern solution to both large and small windows. Houston Window Coverings offers roller shades which are great for commercial and residential buildings.

  1. Customer Service at HWC

Houston Window Coverings values customer satisfaction. That is why we offer a range of stain and paint colours to put on your faux wood blinds or real wood blinds. We offer beautiful and energy-efficient plantation shutters that are appealing to look at every day. Our customers can choose to have their shutters stained or painted in various colours available at HWC. We also offer Duette window shades which are not only appealing but also efficient in terms of energy consumption.

All our products are geared towards ensuring our customers save their money daily basis. The products are also geared to ensure that the products achieve an astonishing reaction from our customers from the look incorporated into their homes and offices.

Customer satisfaction is key in Houston Window Coverings such that our customers can always count on us. We also window coverings installation services.

Our master installer offers installation services to customers who buy our products and those who have their products and are seeking installation services.

If you are in need of our services, our design consultants meet you at your home to discuss the right product that will fit your budget at the comfort of your schedule.

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