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Houston Window Coverings was founded in 2000 in Houston, Texas. The company’s core and distinguishing aim is to always provide superior customer services through its operations and quality window coverings. The founders, Victor & Monica Bresofski, were motivated to establishing the company based on Monica’s passion for decorating homes and commercial offices. And during her pursuits, Monica realized the effect window coverings held in the final look and feel of homes and offices that they provide the essential finishing touch to spaces, as well as crucially determining the ambiance of living rooms. The duo currently resides in Conroe, Texas, and they are parents to 4 children.

In 2012, Houston Window Coverings grew its coverage to Montgomery County area. Its experience and growth over the years enabled it to expand and thrive even further. At present day, the window coverings company boasts in serving the areas of Katy, Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Willis, Cypress, Conroe, Humble, and other surrounding areas. It is an outstanding fete that is only achievable by an organization that is solely focused on its clients. Clients can contact the organization for a Free Estimate at 281-856-9771.

The company’s design consultants may travel to clients homes or offices to analyze the locations. With this, as well as involving the client, they are more capable of offering a personalized sales experience that covers the customer’s desires. It is not all about making a sale Houston Windows Coverings works hard to provide a style that works best to reflect the client’s needs and preferences. It offers clients a wide array of covers to choose from, which the company has dealt in. Moreover, clients are granted the opportunity of picking custom designs to match their tastes.

Various kinds of window covers are offered by the company: such as shutters, blinds, roller shades, motorized shades et cetera. Each offers its own benefits,  according to the window cover expert company. Take their blinds collection for example, which vary according to the material of their structure. They can come in exotic wood (country wood) of very fine quality that is obtained from exquisite wood species. The other form is their Everwood Collection, which offers a cheaper and more practical alternative to the country wood. The faux wood design incorporates PVC materials and is generally inexpensive. The final option implements modern precious metals, such as aluminum, and offer a greater degree of accuracy in light control.

Choosing to install shutters allow the client to play with the mood of a room, depending on the kind of style that they’re willing to go for. Various window fashions are achievable as the custom shutters can be fitted to give a modern or traditional look. Custom shutters are more flexible than ordinary curtains or shades. This makes them incredible at transforming a room’s mood from serene and dark to bright and welcoming depending on the event.

Custom roller shades provide a sleek look to rooms and floor spaces. They maintain elegance in their operation as well through mechanisms that have been thoroughly engineered it can be either hand-operated or automated (crank-driven).  The system is guaranteed high quality with no chance of failing or a need for replacement.

With over 200 different fabrics to choose from in the Houston Window Covering collection,  there are multiple options that can be used or combined, depending on a final look that the client and consultants aimed at. This variety of options necessitates the need for a personalized consultancy. It enables the customer to quickly go through the alternatives without having to linger in doubt. The alternative of meeting the clients at their residence, and at their desired schedule, alleviate the pressure off the client’s decision. And that qualifies as Houston Window Coverings’ agenda a smooth process that the client can gloss over, with a satisfactory outcome to own and remember. 

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