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Essential Facts about Houston Window Coverings in the United States


Houston Window Coverings was established in 2000 by Victor & Monica Bresofski. The initial location of the window coverings company was in Houston, Texas, where the company was able to thrive.  The Houston based company was inspired by Monica’s interest and passion in the decoration of houses and commercial offices. The company’s focus on window coverings arose from Monica’s realization of the necessity of suitable window blinds in a location. That the coverings always added a glamorous finish to occupied spaces if done right. From that, the couple was able to create a company that spanned multiple regions and flourishes in its market position. The couple is currently based in Conroe, Texas, and parents to 4 children.

It is a crucial company principle to meet the customer’s style and tastes with their window covering solutions. This necessitates that their services are customized to a client’s needs. Houston Window Coverings enable achieves this by the employment of personalized design consultants. The latter is involved in the sales process assisting the client through the jargon, procedures, and design. In some scenarios, design consultants conduct visits to the locations that are to be renovated. This provides a glimpse of the environment, enabling them to offer more credible advice. Moreover, the clients get to shop right from the comfort of their location, which indirectly provides for clearer decision making.

Consultancy may seem a long haul for basics as window blinds but Houston Window Coverings possess a catalog that may prove intimidating to customers. They offer a wide array of coverings options to their clients, which are distinctly different in multiple aspects. A broad variation is between readily available designs that many clients obsess over and customizable designs that the company tailors to suit a certain preference. There are different styles that can be implemented for window blinds. Houston Window Coverings grants a service that helps you sieve through the many options (and combinations) to determine which best suits a client’s tastes.

Some categories of their window coverings include blinds, shutters, roller shades, motorized shades, roman shades and then some. Within these groups, themselves are even more categories of the coverings based on their functionality and operations. Take, for example, shutters that have different material structures that distinctly alter the mood of a room. They can be crafted from basswood for a traditional and naturalistic feel, or poly shutters which can be manufactured for a variety of modernized displays. 

Houston Window Coverings offers similar alternatives of PVC and whole wood in their blinds collection. There is a little bit more diversity with the inclusion of modern precious metals (aluminum) that enable precision little control.

The overwhelming task of choosing from a large variety would cause choice overlap for clients. This is not to mention the 200 plus fabric types that they can provide as well, but Houston Window Coverings value their customers’ peace of mind.  Having consultants and clients connect at the offices or living spaces makes an analysis of all these options much easier. Also, this is carried out according to the client’s schedule. With the consultants’ expertise and guidance from the client’s tastes, the window coverings company is able to satisfy many of its customers. It also provides a Free Estimate call line for prospective clients who would want to test waters before commitment: 281-856-9771. Contact them today and renovate your place to your unique taste!

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