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Products and Services Offered by Houston Window Coverings

After having been established by Victor and Monica Bresofki in 2000 in Houston, Houston Window Coverings has since risen to become one of the most distinguished providers of window solutions I Houston and Texas as a whole. Their superior quality products, as well as excellent customer services, have ensured that they expand easily from Houston to other counties e.g. Montgomery, Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, Willis among others. This is because they have been constantly achieving their goal of providing clients with stylish and well-designed window coverings that best reflect their tastes and preferences. They have done this and more in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Other than their world-class products from several key brands, they have also achieved customer satisfaction by offering several other services to accompany their products. 

These window covering products include:

These are usually well suited for residential and commercial, large or small windows and are thus one of the most versatile windows -covering alternatives. Because clients usually love their structures to look more contemporary, roller shades whether vertical or panel track systems are usually their favorite alternative to choose. 

Houston Window Coverings has over the years reinvented the common traditional blinds with more customized ones with more styling and better design. However, one has to consider the mood they intend for their establishment before settling on a particular type of blind. Usually, there are basswood blinds and faux wood blinds, each of them with different advantages, for instance, faux wood blinds help with heat retention and as thus is better suited where there are adverse weather conditions. One has to choose between them after gathering enough information about each of them.

Just like is the case with blinds, you also have to consider the intended mood of an establishment before choosing them. There are custom basswood shatters and custom poly shutters and each of them offers different looks and moods to a room once set up in them. 

The services offered include:

Aside from selling you the best window covering products, Houston Window Covering also offers you installation services for the products they sell you. With them, you do not have to incur additional installation expenses because they will cover that for you. 

  • Design Consultation

They have design consultation specialists placed at the clients’ beck and call. Should they need advice on which products to pick and which one to forego depending on the type of establishment they have set up, the design consultants can always assist them. This is because, with their several years of experience, they know a lot more about the products they sell than the clients and are thus in a better position to help them. 

These are some of the products and services offered by Houston Window Covering that make them stand out.

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