Knowing The Different Types Of Houston Window Treatments

The Concise Overview of 14 Window Treatments In Houston

Window treatments can be divided into 3 categories:

Hard window – these are made of rigid materials like wooden blinds, vinyl blinds or metallic shutters.

Soft window treatments –these are all the softer covering materials, like drapes, curtains, sheers, roman shades and valances in all their styles from flat to hobble.

Layered Treatment – this is a combination of hard and soft window treatments.

Window Shutters

Louvered or fixed slats are hinged so they can be opened or closed as needed and often made of wood or plastic materials. This window treatment is a good option for a variety of reasons. They can be used to control the amount of sunlight entering the room as well as provide complete privacy when closed. They are also strong and provide considerable security and safety in case of extreme weather conditions. Outside of the house, these shutters add an attractive architectural element. The term “window shutter” is often used and can refer to the shutters on the inside or outside of a window.

Woven Wood Shades

Also called matchstick shades or bamboo shades, these lovely window treatments can provide a durable and decidedly oriental look to any décor. These are also available in many styles and complex textures achieved with special grasses, vines, bamboo, wood, and other all-natural materials.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades feature an innovative honeycomb design that provides insulation and energy efficiency to the interior of the home. Cellular shades can be selected for their single, double or triple cell insulation capacity. Cellular shades can also have a precision control on how much light can enter the room. The special shapes and paper cloth-like materials are effective at trapping warmth within the fabrics and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. Cellular lace can be constructed from a variety of materials.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are made from a variety of materials that are specially folded to withdraw upwards and sit hidden from sight at the top of the window when the blind is open. But, both the pleated or cellular blind can have a top-down or bottom-up design.

Venetian Blinds

These are typically made of vinyl, plastic or metal and consist of various strips of material held together by tapes or cords. When a string is pulled all the Venetian blinds can be rotated a full 180°. They can be rotated so that all the strips of cloth are facing inward or rotated all the way around so that the opposite side is now faced inward. Between these two positions, there are a variety of options for a specific amount of light to enter. Slats can be anywhere from16 to 120 mm but the most common size is 25mm.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds function very much like horizontal blinds except they have the advantage of not collecting dust due to their upright positioning. Because they move from side to side rather than being gathered at the top of the window, thee work much better for doors and windows that open and close by sliding sideways. They are typically less problematic mechanically than the horizontal blind and can be operated with much less strength than required to open and close horizontals. These are generally the best options for larger windows and patio doors. The fabric options will make great sound dampeners.

Shoji Panels

Shoji panels can be used to the portion of sections of a room or cover doors and windows. These windows are traditionally made of bamboo and rice paper, which is translucent and allows light to enter without compromising privacy. These can also be made into a folding screen form of free-standing furniture. The various panels can be designed and decorated beautifully.

Panel Tracks

Also called window panels, these innovative window treatments offer as stylish and simplistic solutions for very large picture windows, patio doors and floor to ceiling windows.

Roman Shades

When closed, Roman shades hang flat but they can be folded upwards into an attractive pleated form when opened. This provides light control, privacy and an attractive element of the room’s décor. If it is made from the right materials, this option can also provide some insulating features as well. In addition to attractive fabric options, Roman Blinds have been made from wood or bamboo.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are not only highly-attractive but are considerably cost-effective for any interior situation. These are made of modern fabrics and offer great simplicity and a touch of class on a budget.


Also known as curtains, drapery can be retro, modern, sophisticated or very casual depending on the styles and materials applied. Sometimes the drapes are drawn across a rod and other times they are held stationary in place. Because of the great variety of options in a set of curtains, there are often entire department store sections dedicated to this very thing. You can also find stores dedicated to bespoke curtains. Curtains can be chosen for improved cleanability, UV resistance, and noise dampening qualities as well as dust and oils resistance. Curtains can be opened and closed by hand, with a drawstring or even electronically through switches and mobile devices connected to smart home technology.

Sheer Curtains (Net Curtains)

The sheer curtains or net curtain is the one that allows only some visibility to passing through and most of the light. Sheer curtains are available in these characteristics very thin, extremely rare and barely visible. These can be made of gossamer, nylon, rayon or silk and also come in a large variety of colors.

Café Curtains

These are straight fabrics hung from links looped on a long rod running the length of the window. Sometimes they cover the entire window, and in other situations especially in cafes, only the lower half of the window is covered. This allows for ample lighting to come inside but keeps those seated at tables from the full strength of the sun.

Austrian Shades

This luxurious window treatment is pleated into ornate scallops which extend into longer scallops when the shades are pulled down and compacts itself when raised. This can be made from a variety of materials including very thin sheer fabrics.

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